Please allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Magdalena, but known by many as 'Maggie'. 

I am a very powerful and respected 3rd Generation Medium & Psychic.  I am very grateful to have been blessed with these spiritual talents and want to share them with you.  My readings are very accurate as I only use exceptional, one of a kind, 19th century cards passed down to me from my grandmother.            

I have been given these extraordinary gifts in order to help and guide you on your journey to peace, greatness, prosperity, clarity, success, bliss, and truth-everlasting.

I connect to the other side on behalf of my clients through my "Mother in Spirit" enabling you to get answers to troubling questions, not obtainable from other sources. This brings "Closure" to important heartfelt issues.

I have over 35 years experience as a professional medium & psychic. I've made regular guest appearances on the Los Angeles radio station "KOST 103.5 FM" with the program "Angels in Waiting." Among others, I have appeared on John Angelo's Interview Television Show on West Hollywood's Access Channel 36.

I have provided "Spiritual Advice" and "Consultation" to:         Royalty       World Leaders       Heads of State      Many Celebrities 

I'm available for readings on:     Financial Matters     Business Decisions     Matters of the Heart     Connection with Passed Loved Ones                                                                              Present or Future Circumstances   Closure on Important Matters

Only God knows your true destiny, divine purpose and soul's mission.

I am granted access to this universal knowledge through my spiritual guide

this is what helps me in directing you through and around the obstacles that life brings forth.

I am shown "your" divine purpose and path.

I am able to point you towards this path so you can begin to truly enjoy your life and receive an abundance of love, bliss, success and prosperity.