"Always a pleasure to talk with. Is able to accurately pick up on situation instantly. We'll see what happens after Christmas. Thanks for all your help. "
tremika: Sunday, 11/27/05, 12:17 AM

"Wow, Very interesting information from your Mother. I will do as she says as much as it is tough. I think you are very psychic. I wil follow up with your predictions. NEVER had a reading like u before. "         Indira from San Francisco  11/16/05

"Maggie is a magic. She is so accurate. She doesnt need to ask you questions at all, just tell you what she saw and feel. If you want to know the truth, talk to her; it might not be something you want to hear, but all we want is just truth, right?              Carol from China 11/6/05, 7:26 AM

"Maggie was very insightful and she gave me clarity with things that I had been pondering. She tells me only the truth. "
janesi: Sunday, 10/2/05, 8:00 PM

"Dear Magdalena! Thank you!!! Thank you!! -you are for sure a way gifted powerful psychic!! My reading was a gift I never expected or could ever hope for. I highly recommend Maggie, she is the best." Hope - September 2005 10:00pm

"Lady Magdalana, YOU ARE A GOD GIFTED Psychic, Thank you to God for having such powerful kind loving souls like you!!!  I have visited many psychics and have to tell the readers that will visit this site please call-Maggie!!! She is truly the best!! May God Bless you and your family. Love You!!"                                       From: Chicago  Mary: 9/9/05

"She is gentle, kind and I felt a real connection with her. If you want to try someone with a real gift, call HER! Worth every penny!"  Jennifer from Tennesse 

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"Just wanted to thank you for everything. It's funny how you told me to follow my instincts, but then after talking further about what your guide said I should do....I realized I HAD followed my instincts. You are so sweet and dear. God Bless you and your family."                                                                                             Rebecca: Friday, 5/20/05, 8:17 PM

"Dear Magdalena, Thank you for a wonderful reading! You was so accurate and spot on how the situation are with me right now. You are for sure gifted! A sweet lady, with a calming and warm energy. Thank you again and i recommend anyone else to have a reading! Its worth wile :) Talk with you soon."                                                                   Trine from: Norway

"Magdelana's reading was the best reading I have ever had and I have visited many, many pychics over the years. It was to the point, very helpful in that it was the info I needed at the time and she provided information and events that shocked me with their accuracy. As if that wasn't enough, she then provided messages from my father (who passed away some time ago)again with such information that I can not logically explain how she would have known. My reading was a gift I never expected or could even hope for."                                                                                                           I highly recommend Magdelana.
Maria: Sunday, 3/6/05, 8:58 PM

"If  you want a reading where you are truly cared about, call this lady. She is so kind and wants the best for all the human race."  P.D.V.

"ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL !! Without a doubt, Magdalena is a true treasure. She mentioned things without me prompting her that she could not have known. I do believe in her and recommend her to all. Great person, fast, to the point, friendly and caring. What more can I say, she is wonderful. Thanks for your wisdom. I'll definitely keep in touch."                                                                                                 Jan

"WOW!! Unbelievable!! She's so real! I know fake from real.   I'm the owner of Gifted Ones and let me tell you this wonderful woman has such a gift. We are so lucky that she takes the time to share with us her gift. My call today was amazing. As always she's a pleasure to talk to, so kind and with such a big heart and so accurate. I have no word that can describe my call today, it was so great. Magdalena, you have helped me with personal problems and also with the murdered child case. Thanks so much for your help. You're the greatest."                                                                   ANGEL LIGHT

"You are so good, Magdalena, that I feel like calling you again and again. From the PREDOMINANT feedback that you are receiving, I am not alone in stating that you are a GENUINE and AUTHENTIC psychic. Most of the feedback in all of the Keen categories pays glowing tributes to your kindness, warmth, love and genuine caring for your clients. Thank you for being sincere and strong - so that we all can emulate these same qualities and benefit from them."    Tony 33

"Woman definitely has the gift. Gave some predictions that came to pass, just like she said. Waiting to see the rest unfold"     Sara                                                                        

"Absolutely AMAZING and accurate with details and names. Picked up on people in my life with initials and events. She is in the TOP 5!!"        FLOWERGIRL                                                                                                         

 "She picked up on the confused state of the man in question. She described him as scattered and unfocused and this is all true. He IS all that. I guess time will tell as events unfold. I can only wait and see..."    SILVERYFOX

 "Magdalena is amazing! She told me things last week that I was sure could not be so. Well, I found out this weekend that she was right again. She is always honest and gives me so much hope for the future. God bless her and her mother!"                                                            NEEN

"If  you want a reading where you are truly cared about, call this lady. She is so kind and wants the best for all the human race."  PDV